The 3 reasons why you should choose TOPGO

August 22, 2019 2 min read

Why choose TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount

Smart Phone has become the necessary thing that people always keep in their hands. It’s hard to imagine that if our life without a smart phone, we will lose more convenience experience. Use the smart phone, we could communicate with each other even if we are in a different place. We could use the phone to navigate the place where we don’t know.

But the smart phone is a two-face sword in our life. Many people occur an accident cause using the phone while driving. In the US, many states launched a hands-free law to prevent the driver from distracted driving. In this time, the phone holder is making an important role in this situation.

There are 3 reasons here that you should choose the TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount for your car.

 1) Compare with air-vent, windshield phone holder. TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount is an innovative design in the phone holder industry. In hotter weather, you might enjoy a lot of air movement if you are not using the air-vent phone holder. You don’t worry about your phone having the air conditioner vent blowing cold air on it. Your phone will also not exposed to heat and sunlight. Driving needs a clearness width vision. Cup holder phone mount keeps your width vision, no more obstruction, no more mess, glue marks.


TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

2) You will get the infinitely adjustable experience!

The gooseneck part is user-friendly design, different from the fixed or telescoping. It’s flexible and easy to adjust.

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

The phone mount part can be rotated 360-degree. You could easily adjust the view you want not like just only vertical mode. Two buttons behind the phone holder to expand the bracket which can securely hold your different size devices.

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

The modern design knob on the base. You do not need the code to expand the base, just simple twist, makes it work.

TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

The MOST ADAPTABLE cup holder base you never see. After attached 3 extenders, the cup holder base could support max 4” diameter cup holder. You could use it not only in the car but also in the RV, boat, stroller, golf cart, and various size cup holder.


TOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone MountTOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone MountTOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone MountTOPGO Car Cup Holder Phone Mount

3) Safe driving, avoid a ticket. As I said in beginning. Most of the state has a hands-free law for the smart phone. You will not get the cell-phone ticket when you use TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount. Between Siri and other voice assistants, you can do anything you need to do on the phone without holding it. Keeps you from losing, dropping your phone and can stay hands-free mode.