Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Car cup holder phone mount's FAQs:

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TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount Instructions :

How do you expand the bottom so that it will fit in my cup holder? 


Twist the knob. 

 TOPGO cup holder phone mount new version base

How to attach the gooseneck to the phone holder?


TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount installation
TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount installation 1TOPGO Cup Holder Phone Mount installation 1

You don't have to worry about it will break when you push too hard on it. (if it breaks, we could send a new one to you)


Can this cup holder fit the IphoneXS and use it in my 2016 Toyota Camry?

The phone holder suitable for all types of 2.01”-3.54” wide device. The base is adjustable and fitted to the car cup holder that less than diameter 4”.

What size cup holders will this fit?

Some people complained that the device was too small.
You turn part of it and the sides come out on the bottom. Plenty big enough for most uses, Opens to 4" diameter. (attach silicone extend case)

I have an old IP6. Will it hold my phone?

Yes, Iphone6 wide is 2.6”. The phone holder can hold the size between 2.01”-3.54” wide.

Rotate the button clockwise to fix the base? (previous version)

Not a button, a conical wheel on top of the base where it joins the extension arm. It has ridges on it and you just turn it and the base expands. Very easy to use but there is no button. 

My 2000 Silverado tilt out cup holders are only 1 1/2 inches deep. Is that too shallow for this holder?

Yes, you just need to wrist tighter. The 3 pieces extend have enough place to tight the cup holder.

Will the TOPGOholder hold a galaxy amp prime 3?

Yes, galaxy amp prime 3 wide is 2.76”. It can hold the size between 2.01”-3.54” wide.

Can cellphone be charged while in the cup holder?

There is space on phone holder for charging cable through.

How to extend the gooseneck?

The gooseneck is flexible not for extend and it is 11inch long.

How do you snap the phone holder to the gooseneck?

Put the gooseneck connector with the right position of phone holder, then move it up.

Will it work in a golf cart?

Yes, it will. But first, you need the check the cup holder in golf cart diameter is less than 3.18”.

How can I get the support?

Free to contact us